License to Carry (LTC) 

The State of Texas requires any person who desires to carry a handgun, openly or concealed, to complete a LTC class held by a certified instructor. The class is 4-6 hours and includes a written examination.  The handgun proficiency exam is 50 rounds shot at a standard target with a minimum passing score.  The proficiency exam is not included as part of the class time.  It is no longer required for persons needing to renew their license to attend the class or do the proficiency testing.  We highly recommend persons needing to renew their license attend (audit) the class to become familiar with any changes in the laws.  We also offer an online course for the classroom portion.  The course is DPS approved and will cover the same information as our in-classroom course.  The 4 hour video presentation is broken into 15-20 minute segments and may be completed at your pace.  Upon completion of the online course, you must still complete the handgun proficiency exam with a certified LTC instructor.

Our in-classroom course is a multi-media presentation that covers the requirements of the Department of Public Safety and is open to all new applicants.  Renewals are NOT required to complete the class.  We strongly those renewing their license to attend the class to keep informed of the changes to the LTC laws.  All materials, videos and instructors must be DPS approved. You will receive instruction in gun safety, non-violent conflict resolution, the laws concerning concealed carry and basic marksmanship.

We schedule our LTC Class monthly.  Please check our Next Class page for more information.  Additional classes may be scheduled as needed.  If you would like to schedule a private class, please email

It is best to use the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website to complete your application.  We recommend that you apply online; however, you may still request an application packet be mailed to you.  The DPS website is  It is not necessary to complete your online application prior to attending this class and we do discuss the application process.  Upon completion of the class and/or proficiency exam, you will receive the form required to submit with your application packet.

Saturday classes normally begin at 8:00 AM.  The classroom portion should conclude around 1:30 PM.  The proficiency exam is conducted immediately after the classroom portion is completed.  Please check the time as we sometimes change due to the needs of the class.  Class location and range location vary and will be announced with each scheduled class.

This class is not designed to teach the basics of handgun use.  It is necessary the student have a working knowledge of their gun and is able to safely handle, load and fire it.  Persons wishing to learn these basic skills should attend our Handgun Basics class or schedule a private lesson prior to attending this class.