NRA Classes

Basic Pistol:
The basic pistol class is designed for the beginning shooter. The class covers most all types of guns and their safe use. Considered one of the best programs of it’s kind, this is an excellent class for the shooter looking to better understand the dynamics of pistol shooting.

Home Firearms Safety:
How is the best way to store your gun? What do I tell my children? These great questions and more are covered. Not only are pistols covered, rifles and shotguns are discussed as well. Parents should strongly consider bringing their children to this class as specific information is given concerning children and guns. We recommend your chid(ren) to be 3rd grade or older.

Personal Protection Inside the Home:
This NRA class discusses many of your options to protect yourself, your family and property both prior to a criminal gaining access to your home and once they have gained access. Shooting drills include “point” shooting and shooting from concealment.

Refuse To Be A Victim:
(RTBAV) was originally started by the NRA to assist women in preventing attacks. The instruction became so popular the curriculum was modified to include both men and women. We will cover everyday steps you can take to prevent falling prey to the criminal including, but not limited to, while traveling, at home, email and internet security. We do offer a section on firearms in this class as an option for groups desiring to leave them out of the discussion.