Online Class

The 2017 Legislature opened the door and allowed LTC instructors to offer the classroom portion of the
License to Carry requirement online upon obtaining DPS approval of the curriculum and meeting the
server and security requirements. Caliber Self Defense now offers the online class.

Our online course fulfills the classroom portion of the LTC class. The video is 4 hours long, broken into
15 to 20 minute segments. You work at your own pace from anywhere you have internet access on your
computer, tablet or smartphone. Since your progress is saved at the end of each segment you may log
off anytime you wish then return and complete the course without having to restart at the beginning.
Our online “instructor” is Certified by Texas DPS as an online course provider. Upon completion of the
video and passing the test (25 questions, true/false and multiple choice), you will immediately receive
your LTC-101. You must then complete the Range Certification with a certified LTC instructor to
complete the form for submission to DPS. The LTC-101 is good for 2 years.

Please click the link below to be redirected to our online course.

Range Certification costs and availability vary from instructor to instructor. We offer the Range
Certification for $40.00.

Feel free to contact should you have any questions concerning the
online course or Range Certification.